We’re moving to Berlin

I’m currently writing this 37,038 feet above the Eastern edge of Greenland. My wife is sitting next to me and snoozing quietly at my feet are our pets, Moro and Sasha. We’re on our way to Berlin, where we will start the next big chapter of our journey. Back in Seattle, we’ve left behind family, friends, wonderful memories, and most of the furniture from our cozy two-bedroom apartment.

These past few days are the culmination of months of research, planning, job interviews, plenty of stress, and a dream to live abroad. Over the next few weeks, months, and years, I plan to share our expat experience, mostly for our family and friends, but also to inspire (and maybe caution) the random people who happen across my blog. I expect some of these posts will be more contemplative, while others will focus on the day-to-day practicalities.

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Why move?

So why did we decide to upend our lives and move five thousand miles away to a new country? Well, many reasons. I suppose the best way to break it down is where we started, namely Seattle, and our destination, Berlin.

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