Sketch Plugins: Not seeing updates after building

I’ve started playing around with creating Sketch plugins and have run into a few challenges here and there. One of the most annoying issue I’ve found is when you build your plugin, but you don’t see the changes reflected in Sketch. It seems this most often occurs when something has happened with the symlink between your development version and Sketch’s plugin folder. To fix this, you need to delete the version in plugin folder and recreate the symlink.

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Introduction to WordPress Gutenberg

If you follow WordPress development a little, you’ve probably heard of Gutenberg. It is the new editor interface being developed for WordPress 5.0. The goal is to bring the WordPress editor (and larger application) solidly into the modern content management system world. And it has stirred up plenty of controversy along the way.

For the recent WordPress Seattle Developer Meetup, I gave a short introduction and overview of Gutenberg. I highlighted how it works, noted some of the issues with it, and shared how to create your first Gutenberg block (based on the Gutenberg Handbook examples).

To check out my introduction to Gutenberg: