Portraits of Mexico: San Miguel de Allende

If anything, I am certainly an inveterate traveler. What began as an odd trip to this country or that, is now an often-as-possible jaunt to wherever strikes my latest fancy. The latest interest was Mexico, specifically San Miguel de Allende. A pleasant town about five hours north of Mexico City, San Miguel sits roughly 2000 meters above sea-level, giving it a cool temperate climate. The landscape is equally as agreeable, with rolling lowlands interspersed with lofty hills. Here, cattle and goats lazily graze the light scrub while cowboys watch attentively. All considered, a wonderful, but all too brief journey.

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  1. Darren,
    This looks great to me. Brought back happy memories of several visits to St. Miguel. I especially liked the botanical gardens where we (visitors from UK, their pre-teen daughter and I) were roped into participating in a full moon drum circle ceremony on Easter weekend. The ceremony went far into the night. We ended up losing our hotel reservation in Delores Hidalgo, up the road, and had to stay in a drive-in love motel. What a story! Cheers, Louisa

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