Portraits of Portugal: Journeys through Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto

Perhaps it was the promise of old-world European elegance, with mysteriously hidden side-streets and quaint restaurants, or the chance to utilize my meager Brazilian Portuguese. Whatever the reason, Portugal became my second foray into Europe thus far. Between its great food, wonderfully unique scenery, storied history and quick public transport network, this gem on the Iberian peninsula did not disappoint.

Read the Portugal Travel Log: Part 1, Lisbon and Coimbra Portugal journey from Lisbon, through Coimba to Porto

As always the case, I had far less time in-country then I would have liked – a mere six days. Despite this, I had laid out an extensive itinerary: a few days in Lisbon, then train-rides north to Coimbra and Porto. The south, with its beach resorts and renown sea-food would have to wait for another trip.




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  1. Hi, accidentally stumbled upon your site. You take lovely photographs! I visited Porto last year, but only for a day..the bridges were beautiful =)

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